Nice to meet you!

I will introduce myself to you personally. My name is Dimitri Maar and I am the managing director of Maar Handels GmbH. I sell now since 2006 products for cars on the platform Ebay. My team and I are motor sports enthusiasts and want to enrich the customers from all over the world with products from Germany.

Our Mission

We started the store in 2022 to offer a cheaper and more diverse alternative than Ebay. Since then, we are in the process of making the store better and thinking about how we can offer customers a clearer and more diverse offer. The goal is that customers all over the world can customize their cars in such a creative way without having to search a lot for parts or products. There is still a long way to go until then, but we are very optimistic! Every customer with us supports both the expansion of the store and the other customers to be able to design their dream car.

You like the store? This is how you can help other customers find us

If you are satisfied with our offers and our store in general and would like to recommend us, feel free to rate us on Google. Likewise, you are welcome to tag us on other sites, such as internet forums, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We thank you very much for every rating that is given!